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i saw the advertisement .......... your Chinese classes yesterday
- What should i write in? About, for or of
I searched on the internet and it only showed advertisement for which means show its(something after the "for") goodeffects
  • Loob

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    Hello Thanh24

    I would probably use "about":
    I saw the advertisement about your Chinese classes yesterday.

    "For" would also be possible, but not "of".


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    The definition you gave is not the first meaning:

    If you say that an example of something is an advertisement for that thing in general, you mean that it shows how good that thing is.
    [mainly British] The England team were a poor advertisement for European football tonight. (Collins dictionary)​

    An advertisement you see in a newspaper, for example, is one where something is offered for sale.
    If you want to sell a bicycle in a newspapers, you might say I'd like to place an advert for a cycle. Here about is not possible, although it fits other situations (e.g. What is the advertisement about/for?).

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