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Is there any difference in use / meaning between

advertisement of


advertisement for

And is any of the prepositions appropriate if the advertisement did not promote anything, but asked people for opinion on what should be placed in the extra room? Maybe 'advertisement about' would work better in this context?

I am writing to reply to your advertisement of / for an extra room in the local museum.
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    I am assuming that the "advertisement" is a small item that someone put in a newspaper offering the room to people who might want to use it.

    I think only advertisement for is possible here.

    Advertisement of might be possible where advertisement is a behaviour rather than a particular communication.


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    It is an exam task:

    'Write a letter of reply to this advertisement from your local newspaper.(...)'

    'The planning committee have decided to build an extra room in our local museum. We are looking for ideas about what to put into the new room. We want it to be a new and exciting place for children and interesting for adults, too. Please write with your ideas and suggestions to: (...)'
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