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Hi everyone,
Could you tell me which preposition should I choose in the following context.
While looking at the poster, he said : " This is an amazing advertisement of/for an airline".
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  • I would too.

    Here's our WR dictionary definition #26 for "for" as a preposition:

    in proportion or with reference to:He is tall for his age.

    It can sometime carry nuances of "considering that/despite the fact that" coupled with a tone of surprise.

    "She sings very well, for a child."

    So, "This is an amazing advertisement for an airline.", depending on tone of voice and other context, might imply: 'I wouldn't have expected an airline company to have developed such a great poster, since they usually come up with such awful advertisements.'


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    You are right. I checked out dictionaries and found examples:

    advertisement for a new car,
    advertisements for alcoholic drinks.

    It turns out, at least I see it this way:

    advertisement (that is made) for something

    However, the genitive would be more logical.
    But English is English.

    Is it correct to say "the airline's advertisement"?
    (We don't "do" mistakes, we make them.:) So, you say you made a mistake again?)

    Since you are referring to a specific poster which carries a specific advertisement, you would have to use the definite article "the" i.e "The airline's..", so the first sentence stands as-is and is perfect.

    "An (indefinite article) advertisement (any one of them):confused: of the company is amazing." :confused: is too indefinite and sounds unfinished.
    A little trick.
    This advertisement of the :cross:the:cross: company is amazing.
    Yes, that's a great trick which I'd held off from suggesting, since I knew you would come up with it yourself.

    This or That both work here and depend of course on the viewer and speaker's perception of the thing being physically or figuratively close to them (as in a flyer or paper held in their hands) as opposed to something some little or great distance away.

    (I'd also noticed your double the's, which you picked up again in this post, but chalked that up to your concentrating on the grammar-language issues and physical tiredness. With my 69-years-old eyes, I often have to re-edit my own posts two, three or even four times.) :)

    Mrs JJJ

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    If you were looking at a poster, I think you could also probably say:

    "This advert by the airline is amazing".

    Though in real life, it would probably be obvious that you were looking at an advert for a particular airline. So I think I'd be most likely to say: "This one is amazing!"

    With my 69-years-old eyes, I often have to re-edit my own posts two, three or even four times.) :)
    Me too! And even then I usually miss my punctuation errors. :-(

    Mrs JJJ

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    The first two make sense in English; but to me, the last one sounds incorrect.

    As has been pointed out, they would be used in different contexts and the meaning would change a little, depending on the word, or words, you stressed and upon any slight pauses.

    Here are a few examples, with the words I'd stress typed in Italics:

    Situation 1.
    I am with someone else and we are looking at various adverts for an airline.
    If I wanted to point out that one of the adverts was particularly good, I might say:

    This advertisement for the airline is amazing.

    Situation 2.
    I am with someone else and we are looking at adverts for a number of different companies. If I wished to point out that the advert for the airline was particularly good, and better than those for the other companies, I might say:

    This advertisement, for the airline, is amazing

    Situation 3.
    I am telling someone about an airline. If I wanted to tell him that the airline's advert, in particular, had impressed me, I might say:

    The airline's advertisement is amazing.

    Situation 4.
    I am telling someone about various companies' advertisements, which I have been looking at, but not with him. If I wanted to tell him that the one that had most impressed me was the one produced by the airline, I might say:

    The airline's advertisement is amazing.
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