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Hello. I am just wondering about the pronunciation of the I in advertIsement. Is it a long i or a short one. I suspect this falls under one of those AE/BE differences. But I am not very sure though. That is why I am turning to you for clarification.

What about organIs/zation?

Thanks in advance.
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    In my part of the world we use two pronunciations.
    I say ad'vertisement - short i
    Others say adver'tisement - long i

    We all say 'advertise - long i

    There is only one version of 'organis'ation - long i

    ' comes before the stress


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    You´re right about advERtisement(BE) and advertISEment(AE). The change in stress also influences the pronunciation of the letter "I". In the word "organisation" I´d pronounce the "I" either way, I think. Let´s see what other native speakers and Brits think.

    Kelly B

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    You can listen to them here,
    Only Aaron's voice is correct for advertisement US English, in my opinion: I think it should be a long i with the accent on the i syllable. The British pronunciation stresses the VER syllable with a short i. (At least I think so....)
    OrganiZAtion: we both stress the ZA syllable, but American English uses the short i while British English uses a long I.
    The short and long i sounds, then, are reversed for the two words. How odd.


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    In my US English both words can have both pronuciations. Some favor one over the other and some use both.

    Cracker Jack

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    Thanks a lot for your replies. I was right about the pronunciation of advertisement for both AE and BE. I didn't know though that it would be acceptable for organisation/organization to be pronounced oth ways.

    Kelly, the site was cool.


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    My contribution to this topic: www

    Apparently, the difference is not only between BE and AE. It seems that even AE speakers don't all use the same pattern!
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