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  1. PeterPiper New Member

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    These animated ads are making WordReference so slow and erratic as to render it useless.
  2. Sowka

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    Hello PeterPiper :)

    There are already threads on this topic; for instance this one. In that thread, you find information about how to report annoying advertisements, and what else to do.
  3. PeterPiper New Member

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    Hi Sowka :) Thanks for replying.
    I did search the forums for 'ads' and 'advertisements', but maybe I missed 'adverts'. I'll pursue the thread you mentioned, though it's a year old.

    It's sad to see Word Reference looking so garish, and ugly. I understand the need for advertisements but not for the horrid, bright, animated ones. It's like watching children's TV!
  4. jann

    jann co-mod'

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    I assume you're talking about advertisements in the dictionaries...

    See also:

    Advertising in Wordreference dictionaries
    dictionary advertisements

    The fact that a thread here on the C&S forum is "old" does not necessarily mean it is out of date! And in this case, I can assure you that the mechanism for reporting obnoxious ads is still totally functional, and that it's very much appreciated when you make use of it!!!

    Thanks! :)
  5. mkellogg Administrator

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    I've been hearing some reports of overly animated ads in the UK lately, but I can't get anybody to follow directions and send a screenshot. I don't see the same ads as you do, so I have to rely on these reports to make any decisions. So, please send me a report!

    Thank you

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