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    Hi all,

    I'm curious, if I want to say "I advise against" can I use "أنصح ضد?" As in:

    I advise against its use.
    أنصح ضد استخدامها.

    I advise against reading that newspaper.
    أنصح ضد قراءة تلك الصحيفة.

    If that is not common, what would be a better way to express that concept in Arabic?
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    See red modification
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    أنصح بعدم is right, ضد is not used in as many situations as 'against' is used in English
  4. Josh_ Senior Member

    the phrontistery
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    Thank you, guys.:)

    Often, in English, a lawyer might use the phrase "I advise you..." or "I advise (you) against..." when advising a client to do or not do something. Would an Arab lawyer use the phrase "أنصح بعدم" in a similar situation? If not, what might a lawyer say to his/her client in that situation?
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    Yes, it's أنصح بعدم , if the laywer would use fuS7a in the first place. Otherwise, (s)he would use the equivalent 3ammeyya expression. Something like:
    أنصحك ما تعملش كذا

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