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  1. aliena83 Member

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    Hello all!!

    Which is the difference between an adviser and a consultant??

    Thanks a lot!!;)
  2. Pelgar Senior Member

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    In my opinion there is no difference; the words are synonyms. An adviser or consultant may come along and disagree with me but I use the two words synonymously.
  3. mora Senior Member

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    An advisor is anyone who provides advise. An advisor may be paid or not paid. A priest is a spiritual advisor. A teacher may be an advisor to his or her students. My father advises me a on my finances, so he could be called my financial advisor. People in these roles are not usually called 'consultants', they are 'advisors'.

    A consultant also offers advice, but is usually a professional expert engaged in giving advise, often to other professionals. Architects, engineers, accountants and business advisors are often called consultants, but are rarely called 'advisors'.

  4. Pelgar Senior Member

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    Thanks Mora,

    What you say makes sense, I never thought of it in that way.

  5. aliena83 Member

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    Thank you all for your responses!!

    That makes everything much more clear

  6. ZaneCEO New Member

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    I found this topic searching the forum for the same question :)
  7. cubanita en EEUU Member

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    Great explanation, Mora. I just found this thread in my own search on the word "Consultant" in May 2009! BTW, what would be the best translation of that word in the "professional" context?

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