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Dear all,

can somebody help me to translate the following statement from english into french. I have some difficulties. Especially the bold part

At the Advocacy and Leadership Center, we have spent more than a decade searching out the secrets of successful social change movement leadership.

thanks a lot
  • bh7

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    centre pour la défense des intérêts et le leadership
    centre pour l'action sociale et le leadership

    social change movement leadership = leadership of a movement advocating social change => la gérance / le leadership / la direction d'un mouvement qui encourage des réformes sociales

    Here's a non-native's try at rendering this sentence. Wait for better formulations and suggestions from francophones.

    Les bénévoles au Centre pour l'action sociale et le leadership, au cours de /pendant plus de dix ans, ont recherché les secrets de la direction réussie d'un mouvement qui promeut des réformes sociales.
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