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français, France

I am translating a document relating a conference and I have two problems.

- "As usual the conference had two capacity building practical workshops, on developing advocacy strategies and using video in monitoring human rights abuses."

--> How would you translate "capacity building practical workshops"?
--> And "developing advocacy strategies"? (My translation is "développement de stratégies de défense juridique", but perhaps you'll have a better idea.)

Thanks a lot!
  • Deboin

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    Hello everyone,

    In France, we use "renforcement des capacités" for capacity building. Sometimes, to be understood we say in a more simple way : "formation" (like training).
    "Capacity building" is the ability for someone or for any community to use what he or she has learned at a collective level (e.g. institutional or social level). Capacity building means that the new knowledge and abilities which are created are not restricted to only one person but belongs to the community. So, the results of "capacity building" are collective skills.

    It's more difficult to translate "advocacy" into French. In fact, I don't like the French words we use : "conseils" or "politique" ou "strategie".
    I belong to task forces with French and English speaking people : one of this task force is called "Advocacy group". This group is at the highest level. It is aimed at identifying the key actions to be lead in our field of interest. It defines the overall strategy of our actions.
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