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I have some difficulty to use the word "advocacy". Can it be used as a synonym of promotion? Is somebody doing "advocacy work" to promote something?

More especially, I'm writing a letter to an organization doing environmental lobbying, and I wonder whether the use of the term "advocacy work to promote" is not just redundant in this case:

"I am thrilled by the challenges your organization is facing, from the shaping of your environmental policy propositions to your advocacy work to promote ambitious Green deal policies."

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    I wouldn’t be sure how to phrase it either. Advocacy has come to mean something other than the standard definitions of showing that you are in favour of something or providing legal representation. Although itself far from perfect, the Wikipedia article on the subject may help in that it lists a number of types of advocacy: Advocacy - Wikipedia
    Many Thanks Lingobingo.
    What I understand from the definition is that at least the word "advocacy" can not be seen as a "name" synonym of promotion such as:
    "the promotion of ambitious policies". Maybe something like "your advocacy activities to support (or supporting) more ambitious policies?"
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