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    Context pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.....

    1. This is not a Russian word. An English word is understood (generally) the way it is understood by English (Americans).
    2. I am not sure then I understand the question at all. Does it imply that Russians understand English words differently from the English (through cultural differences/poor language knowledge.....etc?)

    Please elaborate a bit.

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    advocacy ['ædvəkəsɪ]
    1) пропаганда, активная публичная защита, поддержка; отстаивание (взглядов, позиций) advocacy group — общественное движение, общественная организация, выступающие в защиту чего-л. non-profit consumer advocacy group — общественная организация по защите прав потребителей Syn: support
    2) лобби, лоббистская группа Syn: lobby
    3) адвокатура, деятельность адвоката It is a strange trade, I have often thought, that of advocacy. — Я всегда считал, что адвокатская деятельность - странное ремесло.


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    All of them can fit under different context except for адвокат или адвокатура. I never heard this term used for адвокат. That would be an "attorney." (хочется всегда покороче и посодержательнее :) CONTEXT BELOW:

    Our Mission is to incorporate the value of recovery, self-help, and empowerment

    by educating and advocating for recipients ......

    Our Mission is to incorporate the value of recovery, self-help, and empowerment


    Let's structure that a little.

    1. There is a word "advocacy" in English.
    2. You need to translate this word into Russian.
    3. One cannot ask a Russian "how do you understand the English word "advocacy"" - this is what we have translation dictionaries for, like "the Mueller". Otherwise you are asking any Russian person, who tries to answer this, to substitute for such a dictionary, which is too much for any one person to do.

    Now, as for #1, "advocacy" stands for "pleading or strongly presenting someones (or a group's) case". Such as "consumer advocacy", "human rights advocacy", "animal rights advocacy", "unborn fetuses legal rights advocacy" and whatnot.

    Also "advocating a better, a healthier way of life".

    #2. In the above context, when talking of "animal rights" and such - "защитники". Защитники прав животных и т.д.

    In other sense - агитация. "Агитация за лучший, более здоровый образ жизни".

    так же - "призыв" (прямой перевод лат. "advocare, ad vocare" - призывать)

    Я думаю, есть и другие переводы - нужно по ситуации смотреть.

    В Вашем случае вы оборвали свой контекст на самом интересном месте.

    "by educating and advocating for recipients ......"

    Recipients of what? Or for recipients to do what?


    recipients is not a key word here. let's say recipients of a certain services
    if you say "advocating for recipients" and then ask "how do I translate "advocate"" - I say the "recipients" and what they do is important. To me, at least. "Receiving" may be of "beating" or of the "Congressional medal of Honor".
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