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In the context of the Scottish legal system, I have been given a definition of the word 'Advocate-depute' as an advocate appointed to prosecute cases on behalf of the Lord Advocate, one of the crown counsel any ideas how to translate that into French?

So far I have been translating 'advocate' as 'avocat' although that doesn't explain the difference between them and a solicitor.

Any suggestions for 'advocate-depute'?
Any suggestions for the translation of the advocate/solicitor dichotomy also welcome.

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    At the High Court of Justiciary prosecutions are brought by the Crown Office, who are represented in Court by Advocates Depute. Advocates-Depute are either advocates or solicitor-advocates to whom rights of audience in the High Court have been given by that Court.
    In other words, an Advocate Depute may also be a solicitor provided he/she has been given standing to prosecute cases in the High Court. Whether "advocates" or "solicitors" acting as Advocate Depute, they are equivalent to state or crown prosecutors in other jurisdictions.
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