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  2. I don't see difference in meaning between 1) and 2).
    I would personally say "advocated for communication with" but "advocated dialogue with", but I think it is only a matter of personal choice.
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    For me, (2) is the normal way to say that he spoke in favour of communication, that he supported or recommended it.
    The unusual (1) would seem to involve a back-formation from the noun, a strange way of saying that he filled the role of advocated for communication.
  4. This interesting thread “advocate for” or just “advocate”? — Pain in the English seems to firmly agree with what you have said, labelling "advocating for" as a bad use of the language:oops::)

    Edit: They also say that this bad habit has probably started in the US, which is consistent with Voice of America as a source for the OP.

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