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  1. guzhi Senior Member


    Please correct or suggest a better way to say it:

    -This is the kind of scholarship this university advocate/support in all academic works.

  2. Shauneyzboyz

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    Well, in that sentence, you would say "advocates," not "advocate." But without further context, I don't think I can make sense of that phrase enough to find a better way to structure it.
  3. guzhi Senior Member

    OK. Here's more...
    Teachers should encourage a habit of mind which is curious, audacius; and value openess and honesty before any private interests. This is the kind of scholarship that this university advocates.
  4. Song Sprite Senior Member

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    Oh I see, you mean scholarliness, right? A scholarship is money given to someone to assist them in paying for their education.
  5. guzhi Senior Member

    Is there another word for 'scholarliness'? I have never used this word?
  6. Song Sprite Senior Member

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    Hmm..... You should probably just say 'education' for your example.
  7. guzhi Senior Member

    Can I say 'this is the kind of academic standard/spirit that the university forsters'?
  8. Orange Blossom Senior Member

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    Scholarship is fine the way it stands in the original sentence.

    Dr. So and So is known for his fine scholarship. <-- No article. Means that he/she is a very fine scholar and does careful work.

    Dr. So and So funded a scholarship. <-- Scholarship with the article refers to the money given students to help them pay for their studies.

    By the way, it would be "advocates for all academic work (not works)." Work is a non-count noun in this context.

    Orange Blossom

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