aerobics-statistics-gymnastics + singular verbs


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Is it true that we use a singular verb after these nouns?:


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If you look these words up in the WR dictionary, you will see that some function only as singular, others can function as either singular or plural.


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If you look these words up in the WR dictionary.
Good for me. hahaha I did it :)

= a physical exercise = singular verb * ==> (Always needs a singular verb)

statistics = a science of numbers = singular verb
statistics = a set of numbers = plural verb

gymnastics = a physical exercise = singular verb
gymnastics = gymnastic exercises = plural verb

mathematics = a science of numbers and shapes = singular verb
mathematics = mathematical operations = plural verb

physics = a science of energy or physical objects = singular verb * ==> (
Always needs a singular verb)

economics = a science or study of the way money is used = singular verb
economics = financial aspects = plural verb

politics = a science or study of systems of government = singular verb
politics = political opinions or activities = plural verb

Source: WR Dictionary