aesthetically pleasing, like “Yesterday” or “A Day in a Life.”


Is “Yesterday” or “A Day in a Life” aesthetically pleasing in you native English speakers? I appear to have no such feeling in reading it.

Thanks in advance

This feat is extremely difficult, because science’s greatest hits are not just aesthetically pleasing, like “Yesterday” or “A Day in a Life.” General relativity, quantum mechanics, the big bang theory, evolutionary theory and the genetic code are true, in the sense of being confirmed by mountains of evidence.

By John Horgan on April 16, 2018

-Scientific American

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    These are two songs by the Beatles. In the article the author is talking about the "better than the Beatles" problem - you should have included this as the context.


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    Either the author is being coy or he didn't bother to check his sources. It should be "A Day in the Life". I suspect Lennon/McCarthy were making a reference to "A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.