Aethenis 'natus videretur'

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    En la siguiente oración;

    "Atticus sic Graece loquebatur ut Aethenis natus videretur"

    Siendo la traducción "Ático hablaba el griego de tal forma que parecia nacido en Atenas."

    No entiendo muy bien que clase de construccion es "natus videretur".

    "Natus" es participio y "videretur" es subjuntivo pero no entiendo muy bien la clase de construccion que hacen juntas.

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    salue gouged

    This is easy.

    ...ut Athenis natus [esse] videretur is a result- (otherwise known as a consecutive) clause - he spoke Greek (so fluently and elegantly) that he seemed to have been born in Athens, in other words he spoke like a native Athenian.

    natus [esse] is indirect statement, nominative + infinitive, permissible with a passive governing verb (as videretur grammatically is), as in Caesar flumen Rubiconem transiisse dicitur, "Caesar is said to have crossed the Rubicon". The suppression of esse in such contexts is common and idiomatic.

    Hope that helps,

  3. gouged Senior Member

    Muchas gracias Scholiast. Tu explicacion es muy buena.

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