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In this sentence, obviouly 'love affair' is out of place for its meaning is ambiguous. I want to express the meaning: in the four years, you experienced happiness and sadness, ups and downs, with those you two know each other better, and at last you deserve a happy ending, marriage, live together. Could you help me check it? Thank you!
After four years’ love affair, you have known much about each other.
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    Could you help me check it?
    Sorry, but no. Please see The Longer Guide to English Only, particularly where it says
    What we do in the English Only forum
    We answer specific questions about words or phrases in a complete sentence with context and background in a respectful, helpful and cordial manner.
    It is extremely difficult to relate your complex intended meaning to your example sentence and to the title you have given this thread. Please reconsider what you wish to ask, and when you have a question which complies with the guidelines start a new thread. This thread is closed.
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