'affect' as a noun

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What does 'affect' mean here as a noun? I know the writer is intertextually refer to Einstein's term 'montage of effects' but how 'affect' could be different here?

Snyder’s film springs to life in the battle sequences (the background drama taking place in Sparta is sluggish and unconvincing) which provide, to pun on
Eisenstein, a montage of affects.

Film Theory and Contemporary Hollywood Movies, chapter three: The Supernatural in Neo-baroque Hollywood

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    A montage of affects, pronounced af·fect \ˈa-ˌfekt\, meaning, a mixture of emotions.

    Full definition: 1
    obsolete : feeling, affection
    : the conscious subjective aspect of an emotion considered apart from bodily changes; also : a set of observable manifestations of a subjectively experienced emotion <patients … showed perfectly normal reactions and affects — Oliver Sacks>

    It really helped. Thanks so much.
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