affidataria di una commessa di ricerca

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by mrmoto74, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Hi folks,

    This has been driving me up the wall for the last 24 hours. The context is the definition of the different roles that a research centre can fulfill. One of them is:

    "-ricerca conto terzi, in cui CentroRicercaABC è consulente dell’azienda e affidataria di una commessa di ricerca e può eventualmente svolgere il ruolo di consulente per il finanziamento del progetto"

    I've gone with:
    "research on behalf of a third-party, for whom ResearchCentreABC acts as consultant and contractor/service provider of research work order and may, if required, act as financial consultant for the project", but I'm not happy, to say the least.
  2. baldpate

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    How about "... and is entrusted with the commissioning of research ..." ? (or possibly even ... is charged with ...")

    Does not "in cui" refer to "ricerca" rather than to "terzi"?
    "research on behalf of third-parties, in which the ABC Research Centre acts as a consultant, and is charged/entrusted with the commissioning of research, and may, if required, ..."
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  3. mrmoto74 Member

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    That's brilliant baldpate. Thanks a million for making it clear to me.
  4. london calling Senior Member


    I was wondering about assignee for affidataria and confirms:

    . One appointed to act for another; a deputy or agent.

    One small point: commessa is nearly always translated as project (research project). I know that the word's used after, but....!;)
  5. mrmoto74 Member

    Rome, Italy
    Bilingual: Irish English and Italian

    I had originally gone for assignee of research project, then changed it, and then I couldn't see the wood for the the trees. I think I'm going to go for baldplate's version, because although assignee of research project may be closer, I don't think it flows as nicely. But the best bit is that I now have a number of new weapons in my arsenal. ;)

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