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    "Executives from the 40 largest cities plus 17 affiliate municipalities attended the C40"
    Comment traduire "affiliate"? --> dépendantes? associées, soeurs?

    Merci d'avance:confused:
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    Jumelées peut-être, mais je ne suis pas sûr du sens.
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    It's not too clear in English. My best guess would be that the C40 is an organisation for the 40 largest cities, but that other smaller cities and towns are allowed to join, not as full members but as affiliate members.

    Membres associés ????
  4. spindrifter New Member

    Are these affiliate cities neighbouring towns like an "agglomération" or twin cities like "villes soeurs"?:cool:
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    Former US President Bill Clinton urged leaders of the world's cities, which produce over two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions, to act swiftly to save the planet for their grandchildren. Skip related content
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    Executives from the 40 largest cities plus 17 affiliate municipalities attended the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit which opened in Seoul, the third such event since 2005.
    The former US leader, whose Clinton Climate Initiative develops programmes to help cities cut the emissions blamed for global warming, called for commitments and concrete action at the meeting which ends Thursday.

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