affiliate offers, partner offers or other alternative?


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Hi all,

I do have a quick question for a native speaker about a term from "affiliate marketing".

What sounds/is more common/natural when you speak of an offer from a business affiliate, that you'd like to present to your own customers:

a.) affiliate offers
b.) partner offers
c.) another alternative I'm not aware of?

In German you'd naturally use "partner offers" (Partnerangebote). This sounds sounds relly strange in my ears and I'd naturally prefer "affiliate offers". "Affiliate offers" on the other hand, sounds extremely "technical" for me, does an average person even now what an 'affiliate' is? Maybe there's even another term/expression I'm not aware of?

Please enlighten me ;)

Thanks in advance!
  • darksaga

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    I'd be interested in the following two scenarios:

    1. You're already a paying customer of a service/product of a company, e.g. you bought a train or flight ticket or a new flat screen tv. With your ticket or purchase, there's some kind of discount for a 'service/product' of another company, e.g. a discount for a journey, bluray player or maybe just a discount for some beverage.
    Basically to tell the customer: Look, here are the "partner offers/affiliate offers" that come with your purchase.

    2. A website is offering a coupon, e.g. '10% discount', for a specific product of their affiliate.
    Basically to tell the visitor: Use this "partner offer/affiliate offer" and both of us will benefit.

    In German I'd use "partner offers" ("Partnerangebote", "Angebote unserer Partner") in both cases.
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