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Could anybody explain the difference between those three terms: an affiliate, a subsidiary, a branch? I am not an expert, make it simple. Thanks in advance
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    An affiliate is a separate company that is connected or partners with the main company somehow. A subsidiary is a separate company that is owned by, and takes orders from, the main company. A branch is a unit or outlet or store of a company.


    Just to explain, I need to make the distinction between Subsidiary and afiliate cmpanies. My context is:
    "Associated Companies" means any parent, subsidiary company or affiliate of Elitehill Trading Limited, which trades as XXX.

    My translation so far is:
    Les ‘Societes Associees’ veut dire toute societe mere, filliale ou affiliate de Elitehill Trading Limited, qui fait du commerce au nom de DUO.

    Thanks in advance for any help..

    Jean-Michel Carrère

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    affiliate / subsidiary : filiale (un seul l)

    branch : agence (par exemple d'un réseau nacaire) / section (par exemple, d'une fédération) / succursale (par exemple d'une chaîne de magasins)
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