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  1. PBPB New Member

    Could anybody explain the difference between those three terms: an affiliate, a subsidiary, a branch? I am not an expert, make it simple. Thanks in advance
  2. Playtex Member

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    An affiliate is a separate company that is connected or partners with the main company somehow. A subsidiary is a separate company that is owned by, and takes orders from, the main company. A branch is a unit or outlet or store of a company.
  3. FConexion Member

    Does anyone know the French for these 3 terms?
  4. FConexion Member

    Just to explain, I need to make the distinction between Subsidiary and afiliate cmpanies. My context is:
    "Associated Companies" means any parent, subsidiary company or affiliate of Elitehill Trading Limited, which trades as XXX.

    My translation so far is:
    Les ‘Societes Associees’ veut dire toute societe mere, filliale ou affiliate de Elitehill Trading Limited, qui fait du commerce au nom de DUO.

    Thanks in advance for any help..
  5. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    affiliate / subsidiary : filiale (un seul l)

    branch : agence (par exemple d'un réseau nacaire) / section (par exemple, d'une fédération) / succursale (par exemple d'une chaîne de magasins)

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