[affiliation] was the route to a good education


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The quotation comes from http://www.economist.com/news/brief...ep-tayyip-erdogan-be-warned-he-would-use-them

Quotation: The Gulenist movement is part self-help group, part secret society. Its 75-year-old head preaches a tolerant Sufi Islam. For many, affiliation was the route to a good education and upward mobility. In the old days, when to be devout was dangerous, it offered protection. But Gulenists continued to operate in the shadows through the 2000s, “like a Dan Brown novel”, says a journalist who, like most people in Turkey these days, will speak to the foreign press only on condition of anonymity, even though he is a supporter of AK.
Hi everyone! Does 'affiliation" here mean "being affiliated with the Gulenist movement"? If so, the thing that strikes me about the word is that it lacks a determiner. Perhaps i would write "the affiliation to the movement was...". :confused:
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