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The author is using some extracts from an old texte in which the author talks about the state he's in when he meditates.
"He write of an "affirming flame" that would appear on his inner screen at the start of the meditaton or in the midst of a writing binge"...

I really don't get the sense of "affirming" here.

Thanks in advance
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    I would take it to mean that he gains the conviction that what he is doing, either in writing or in meditating, is right and good for him; a sense of affirmation; approval of his own path.
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    It probably has to do (directly or indirectly) with New Age "affirmations", mantras of sorts that you repeat or write to attain some goal, such as "I attract prosperity and radiant health." An "affirming flame" to me would be the image of a flame that helps the author reach the desired state for meditation.

    French New Agers use the term "affirmation" for the mantra thing, but I think a direct translation would inevitably come out strange.

    If my interpretation is correct, depending on that particular state he's seeking (serenity, or inspiration...) you might say "la flamme de la sérénité" or "la flamme de l'inspiration"....


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    Very interesting, that's helping me a lot, though I still don't know what I'll choose. Maybe "de l'inspiration"...
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