(Afford, Sustain, Endure & Bear)

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Crawford Powell

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-Again, What was the difference between Afford, Sustain, Endure & Bear in the following sentence:
  • The mother Affords/Sustains/Endures/Bears very heavy burdens in her life... She takes care of her kids & she raises them until they grow... She sacrifices her happiness for her children
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    Is this a multiple choice question?

    If so, please give your thoughts.:thumbsup:

    In broad terms:

    To afford = (i) to offer (an opportunity to do something) (ii) to provide.
    To sustain = to continue to support and/or maintain (something)
    To endure = to tolerate, especially with respect to time.
    To bear = to carry (often negative, indicating a disadvantage)
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