Affronta la vita con grinta

  • Silvia

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    I can't think of any good expression right now.

    What about "bear up" or "cheer up"? Or "keep your spirits high?" But why don't you supply us with a little bit of context? Would you be talking to someone who has lost a dear one? In that case my expressions wouldn't be suitable, I guess


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    I mean if somebody have work for example.
    Maybe this person feel frustrated and do no react against the matter.
    I would like to say him, do not feel depressed but at the contrary that he has to front the situation with....strengh? with...a sort of anger?

    I would be very pleased if somebody may help me with german too.


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    US, English
    We would more likely say "Hang in there" than "hang on" in the situation you described. "Keep your chin up" is also good to encourage someone not to lose hope (or one's temper).