Africanidad e indigenidad


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Quisiera que me ayudaran a traducir el término de AFRICANIDAD, en cuanto a que hace referencia al carácter genérico de los pueblos africanos.

Y el término de INDIGENIDAD que hacer referencia a lo genérico de los pueblos indígenas.

Muchas graciasssss
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    Indigeneity - también me sonaba raro, pero encontré esto:

    I want to begin by apologizing for the title that I have given this lecture. The term
    "indigeneity" is something of a mouthful. You won't find it in the Oxford English
    Dictionary, which insists on "indigenousness" or the ugly "indigenity" (which it
    describes as rare). Like its near-synonym, "aboriginality," the word "indigeneity"
    forms an abstract noun from a term we use to apply to certain peoples living in the
    world. The Oxford English Dictionary defines "aboriginality" as "[t]he quality of
    being aboriginal; existence in or possession of a land at the earliest stage of its
    1 In a similar way, "indigeneity" is derived from "indigenous" which​
    means "orn or produced naturally in a land or region; native or belonging
    naturally to (the soil, region, etc.)," from indu, an old Latin root meaning "within"

    (like the Greek §<*@<, endon) and gignere meaning "to beget."2​
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