Afrikaans: Devoicing of /ɦ/ (suffix -heid)

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    I've just seen on Wikipedia that Apartheid is supposed to be pronounced [ɐˈpɑːrtɦɛit]. I'm wondering, though, whether the transcription is 100% correct. Phonemically transcribed, I think it should be something along the lines of /ɐˈpɑːrtɦɛid/ or /aˈpaːrtɦəid/, depending on the convention (and provided that the ‹a› in ‹ar› really is a long vowel), where in the actual pronunciation /-d/ devoices to [t] and /ɦ/ gets devoiced to [h] after /t/, which is a voiceless consonant. I.e., /ɐˈpɑːrtɦɛid/ => [ɐˈpɑːrthɛit]. Is dit so?

    (Voel vry om in Afrikaans te antwoord.)
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    They're transcribing it with <ɦ> because there's no <h> on the WP:IPA for Dutch and Afrikaans page.

    I think it's very much possible to pronounce it with [h], and [ɦ] is probably used only in careful speech. Just like in Dutch.

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