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    Ek probeer om dit in Afrikaans te skryf, sorry vir al foute! ~
    Ek het maar net Nederlands geleer maar probeer nou 'n boek in Afrikaans te lees. Dis maklik om baie te verstaan maar daar is tog grote verskille.

    1) Sinne het soms die woord "lat" en ek het die gevoel dat (lat?) daai woord soos "dat" is. Wat ek raar vind is dat (lat?) die woord "dat" ook in die boek is. Waar is die verskil? (Ook: Waar kom "lat" van? Ek dink nie dat dit van Nederlands kom nie, maar wat weet ek al?)

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    I just know [some] Dutch but am trying to read a book in Afrikaans. It's easy to understand a lot but there are big differences nonetheless.

    1) Some sentences have the word "lat" and I think that it means the same as "dat". What I find odd is that the word "dat" is used as well. When is which one used? (And where does it come from? I don't think it's from Dutch, but then again what do I know.)

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    'lat' for 'dat' is substandard, but perhaps for the Malays it's standard. They have at least as much claim to the language as anyone else: the first book in Afrikaans was written in Arabic script, for use by Malays. So see if the characters using this in the material you are reading could be expected to use it.
    There is another aspect. Whenever I hear 'lat', it seems to occur in contexts where it could just be 'laat' meaning let or make. For example, Ek het hom geslaat lat hy hom kak - "I hit him so (hard) that he shat himself."
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    'n Paar klein verbeteringe effens laat in die jaar. Nietemin, uitstekende Afrikaans! Doe' so voort!

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