"After a few social interactions" Vs "If you interact with him for a while"


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Hello everybody

I doubt which one of the following self-made sentences sounds more natural in English, although for me, they all grammatically sound natural, but I need to make sure if they idiomatically are natural too. Please explain to me why if one of them does not sound natural:
1) After a few social interactions with him, you will (gravitate to him / be attracted to him.)
2) If you interact with him for a while you will (gravitate to him / be attracted to him.)
I made doubtful parts bold.
  • e2efour

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    I would prefer a verbal phrase in sentence 1), e.g. After interacting socially with him a few times etc.
    To talk about a social interaction with someone seems to me a little too abstract a way of speaking (as a social psychologist might speak).

    A less formal form of words would depend on the context.


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    Although both phrases are grammatically correct, I find it difficult to imagine people talking in such a formal way. I would much rather say "When you have met him a few times, ...", or something like that.
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