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  1. RGF New Member

    Hello, me gustaría saber si he escrito bien esta frase:
    "He is glad to do things on his own so you will not have to take after him after ARRIVING home ( o debería ser : after you and he arrive home?) por lo que tú no tendrás que cuidar de él después de que llegueis a casa o a mi casa.
    Thanks a lot for instance
  2. Lis48

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    He is happy to do things on his own so you will not have to look after him once you both get home.
    After arriving is fine but it sounds better to avoid the two afters (after him and after arriving).
  3. Thomas1

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    polszczyzna warszawska

    Lo de que pregutas me parece bien. Ambas opciones están bien.
    cuidar -- look after
    take after -- parecerse a alguien

    PS: I've just seen the post above, I agree with the conclusion of Lis.
  4. RGF New Member

    Ok, thanks a lot

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