after / in a car accident

Margaret Moore

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Hi, everyone. Could you tell me the difference between "in" and "after" in these sentences? Which one is better? Thanks very much!

sentence 1: After a car accident, my husband suffered from the ruptures of liver and large intestine.
sentence 2: My husband suffered from the ruptures of liver and large intestine in a car accident.
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    "After a car accident" talks about time -- about what happened later than the car accident.

    "In a car accident" tells us where the ruptures happened. I would not use 'from' in this sentence. When you suffer 'from' something, it causes you pain or trouble. In this sentence, the focus is on the cause or source of the ruptures, not on the effect of ruptures on your husband. You can say that your husband 'suffered ruptures' meaning that ruptures happened to your husband.


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    I would say that those things happened in the accident. One could also say "After the accident, my husband kept getting headaches and had difficulty walking."
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