After Mandela was set free from manual labor

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Hi , i want to know why the sentence"After Mandela was set free from manual labor, he started a garden in the yard." is wrong. My textbook says the corret sentence should be " When Mandela no longer had to do manual labor, he started a garden in the yard." i cannont figure out why. Thanks for you help!
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    Hello, hugh6. I suppose that your textbook reserves the phrase "set free from" for other nouns or noun phrases: He was set free from slavery/captivity/imprisonment, etc.

    I think the first sentence is possible but strange. :) Those who wrote your textbook are probably trying to encourage you to use idiomatic English.


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    Your suggestion of set free is not wrong, but may have been regarded as too literary by the author(s) of the book. We would be more likely to say "freed from" or "excused from" manual labour.
    It also depends on how the question was framed.


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    Your book's author might also think that there's no confinement or restraint involved in manual labor and therefore, it's not as appropriate as the other choice.

    But, please remember that the personal pronoun 'I' is always capitalized.
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