After my best <greeting> (to start a formal letter)


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Hello every body,
I want to know if we can write as starting in a formal letter this following sturcture:

Dear President,
After my best greeting (or After my best salutations, After my best regards or with my best salutaions), please allow me to introduce my self,,,,,,,,,,,,,etc

<-----French sentence deleted.----->

what about in english Americain, can you clarify me this and thank you in advance
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    Welcome to the forum, khalido!

    If you're asking about whether we would use "After my best greeting," " salutations," or " regards," we really wouldn't use any of the three, because we wouldn't start the letter with "after."

    In general, we offer greetings or salutations at the beginning of a letter, and regards at the end.


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    English business letter style is more direct than French, both at the beginning and at the end. If you want to introduce yourself (one word, as is myself), just do it.


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    Thank you very much for your responses
    so, It's not necessary to begin as : with my best greetings ...


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    For me as a native English speaker unfamiliar with French letters, I find it very confusing.
    "Dear President" is the greeting.
    When you say "after my best greeting" I would expect you to then tell me what your best greeting is, but you don't do that. Surely "Dear President" isn't the best greeting you have and we're already after "Dear President" so "after" is wrong.
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