After my brother's falling...

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Russian & Ukrainian
Could you let me know whether this sentence is grammaticaly correct? I'm in a doubt about gerund "after my brother's falling in love".

After my brother's falling in love with this woman he began comming home very late.

  • e2efour

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    UK English
    The sentence is ok, but I would prefer to write it as follows:

    After falling in love, my brother began....................., which sounds more natural to me.


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    American English
    My brother's falling in love was bad enough, but asking me for the money to stage a lavish wedding was just too much.


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    British English
    Some people (including me) would prefer my brother falling, although one can use the 's form.
    Indeed, me too, but if Alex_cs_gsp has to use a gerund for some reason (QUOTE = "A purpose to use gerund." ) then he has to use my brother's otherwise falling has become a participle.
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