1. MarieJulez28 Senior Member

    England English
    I want to say in French,
    "The fact that she remains calm after receiving no response from her doctor, shows the strength of her nature."
    Could anyone help me? I'm very unsure about how to write 'after receiving' especially.
    Thank you for your help
  2. Missrapunzel

    Missrapunzel Senior Member

    French (France)
    Hello MarieJulez!
    You are warmly encouraged to do your own attempt, even if you are "very unsure".
  3. MarieJulez28 Senior Member

    England English
    Ok. "Le fait que Mathilde reste calme apres ...........(do not know at all) de son docteur, montre la force de sa nature"?
  4. Gb56 Senior Member

    France, French
    après être restée sans réponse de son docteur....
    me parait pouvoir aller.

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