after resigning ourselves to solitude

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Does "after resigning ourselves to solitude" mean "after having to accept the situation of being alone"? Some nuance here appears to be beyond me.

We do not discover ourselves in the same way that we discover other features of nature, like pulsars and x-rays, or even components of our bodies, like synapses and genes. We invent ourselves, imagine ourselves, and we keep shape-shifting, swerving, throughout our lives. Our ideas about ourselves and others can change dramatically when we fall in love, have children, get divorced, get locked up in a psychiatric ward, have a sex-change operation and fall in love again, miraculously, after resigning ourselves to solitude.

Source: John Hogan
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    You seem to have understood it pretty well.

    after resigning ourselves to solitude = having got used to the idea of being alone (without a partner)
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