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Hi guys!

In my native language in everyday speech we sometimes say "I will go swimming after the barber " when we mean "I will go swimming after I have my hair cut/I go to the barber". Would it be OK to say after/before + the barber/doctor/etc in spoken English?

Thanks in advance!
  • Barque

    It depends on the lead-up.

    With "barber" it's unlikely because people would generally say they're going for a haircut, rather than that they're going to the barber. But it's more likely with "doctor".

    A: I'm going to the doctor this afternoon. I've been having headaches every night.
    B: And then? Going back home?
    A: No, it's a hot day. I think I'll go for a swim after the doctor.

    It'd be more natural to say "after I see the doctor" but this is possible.
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