after the green card return home


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Would you please tell me what does “After The Green Card Return Home” mean?

“The green card the green card. The ….
Without it he couldn’t leave. To leave he wanted a green card. This was the absurdity. How he desired the triumphant After The Green Card Return Home, thirsted for it- to be able to buy a ticket with the air of someone who could return if he wished, or not, if he didn’t wish….”

Is it a motto, or a famous common phrase? as it is written with capital letters.

It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Dessay.

Thank you.
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    Are we speaking of someone who has immigrated to America? In the US, "green card" refers to immigrants with permanent residency, and who are eligible to become United States citizens. Unlike persons travelling with tourist or student visas, "green card holders" (that is, permanent residents) can leave the United States without any worry about being allowed to come back in. The phrase can be understood as meaning "the triumphant homecoming to his native land of a person who has achieved permanent resident status in the US".


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    We are talking about an Indian character who comes to US illegally without Green Card, and now he wishes to return to his home. But without green card, he can't.


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    It's not a famous phrase that would justify capital letters, but the author is making an event of a particular kind of "return home"—an after-the-green-card return home—and capitalizing it as if it were a named and famous event like "Homecoming" at a university or the Chenango County Fair, to give two U.S. examples.
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