after then, after that, or from that time


Sales were highest in 2010 but after then/after that/ from that time,( for example from 2010 to 2018) sales decreased sharply from 10 million units to 3 millon units.

Which one do you think work best in the above sentence? If any does not sound correct, what do you say ?
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    While thinking about which you think works best, I suggest you use "dramatically" rather than sharply, as sharply implies a very sudden drop - not one that takes eight years!


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    "After then", is incorrect
    "After that" could work but I feel as though it suggests a shorter time period, or that something else has happened to the sales meanwhile:rolleyes:

    If, by "from that time," you mean sales have been declining up until the present time, I suggest "..but since then sales have declined.."
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