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    I want to translate this sentence for a project for my arabic class.

    "She became non-pacific after witnessing so much death"

    I have several options in my mind, but i think maybe i need to use the masdar for witnessing and I' not quite sure how. For example:

    (would that be masdar?) اصبحت لاسلمية بعد تشاهد كل هذا الموت
    اصبحت لاسلمية بعد أن شاهدت كل هذا الموت

    I guess there's a better way to say it, please any ideas?

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    Pardon me, but I don't really understand what you mean by "non-pacific".

    I see that you have used لا سليمة in your translation, but it doesn't feel quite right to me. I would probably say غير سليمة if I meant "un-sound"...

    It's a shot in the dark, but, might you mean something like ما استطاعت أن تجلس ساكتة ساكنة بعد ما شاهدته من الصدمات, which is more like, "She was unable to sit calmly by after the traumas she had been witness to."

    None of this means you are wrong nor that I am right. My attempt is as much a question as a suggestion, and it constitutes my attempt to participate and learn.

    I am sure a native speaker will step up to the plate and shed further light upon your query.
  3. Amina Marvena New Member

    Thanks Ajamiyya!

    About the non-pacific, I just took the term as she uses is in an interview Im talking about, she's Egyptian and participated in the Arab Spring, so she started using self defense violence after witnessing people dying next to her. She says "la salmiyya" so i used that :)
    But maybe using بعد ما شاهدته is a good idea!

    Alf alf shokran for your help!!
  4. ajamiyya عجمية Senior Member

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    My apologies; I dislexically read لا سليمة where you wrote لا سليمة . لا سليمة is a totally different thing meaning something like... Hmmm... "un-resigned" is too weak.... "civilly-disobedient" is not what it says.... Hmmm.

    How about بعد مشاهدتها للصدامات المتكررة امتنعت من أن تستسلم دون المقاومة ? That uses the maSdar, if that was your intention. Still, just a non-native's non-native diction is all I can offer you.

    ...Sorry about the nonsense in my first line there. I have tried to correct it to "la salmiyya" rather than "la saleema" in Arabic, but, once I pressed submit, it got transposed again.... Sorry.
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  5. Tensor78 Senior Member

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    I think you mean "pacifist", not "pacific".
  6. إسكندراني

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    لم تعد مسالمة بعد أن شاهدت كل ذلك الموت

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