after you buy this software you will get a registration code


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I am attempting to translate into French: "After you buy this software, you will get a registration code." The code will unlock the software, after they buy it. Will this work?:

Après que vous aurez acheté, vous recevriez une clé d'inscription.

I was not entirely certain whether to post this in vocabulary or grammar -- it contains a question of both, and I wasn't sure from the forum rules, how to approach this best. Would you kindly direct me, if I have done this wrong, please?

Thank you in advance for your help and direction.
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    "Après avoir acheté ce logiciel, vous recevrez un code pour l'enregistrer."

    In this context, "register/registration" can be translated to "enregistrer/enregistrement" as you are going to record in a database that you own that specific copy.

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