Afternoon Sleep


- It's 12:30 PM and my friend has to go to bed, so I will say this, right?

"enjoy your afternoon sleep!" :)

Thanks a lot!

  • "Enjoy your nap" or "have a nice nap" would be the best.

    The word siesta is not commonly-used at all, so I wouldn't suggest it. It sounds almost comical to say "enjoy your siesta" ^^;

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    I think siesta would be fine in an appropriate context, particularly if that context happens to be of Spanish or Hispanic culture. In addition, the concept of siesta is so familiar to English speakers in both USA and UK (due to the popularity of holidays in Spain in the latter case), that it could be used "figuratively" without awkwardness. There may be a lightly humorous intention, but not odd enough to be misunderstood or taken as mockery.

    Having said that, I think "nap" would be a more likely choice.
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