Afterwards, I play video games and chat with my friend


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Hello yet again. This is probably the last bit of advice I need. Please keep in mind that I don't want expert terminology, but rather something nice and simple that at least makes sense :).

Sentence that may need revision:
Plus tard, je jouer des jeu vidéos et chatte avec mes amies.

Sentence that I hope to imitate:
Afterwards, I play video games and chat with my friends.

I already asked this question, but I don't think I get it completely. We are able to use a conjugated verb without a subject directly behind it, correct? For example, in my sentence I have 'chatte' near the ending without a subject behind it, but at the beginning of the sentence. Can you do that, or would it make better sense to put another subject directly behind it, even though it hurts the fluidity of the sentence?

Please help, and thanks :).
  • Missrapunzel

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    Après, je joue à des jeux vidéo et discute avec mes amis.

    Mes amies = my female friends
    mes amis = my friends.
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