1. LostInSpanish811

    LostInSpanish811 New Member

    I'm Just wondering is "Agachate" a real word and if it is what does it mean???
  2. Cecilio

    Cecilio Senior Member

    Valencia, Spain
    Spanish, Valencian/Catalan
    Hello, Lost, and welcome to the WR forums!

    Yes, this word exists, but written with an accent:


    It's the imperative singular of the verb "agacharse", which means "to bend over".
  3. Feldan

    Feldan Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Español Peru
    agachar verbo transitivo to lower

    Agáchate! Que no te vean!

    See you around.
  4. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    Could it be "squat!" or "squat down!"??
  5. Gato_Gordo

    Gato_Gordo Senior Member

    The Western Pearl
    Spanish - México
    Yes, it can be, but any way you can lower yourself down is good...

    agáchate by itself is more like duck!

    Saludos! ^_^
  6. padredeocho Banned

    United States
    If a person hits you in the gut, and you bend over in pain, an onlooker (mirón) who only say you bending over would say, "Ese hombre se agacha, me pregunto porque"

    So, if you were to tell a person to bend over like that, as if you were a director in a movie or something, you would say "agáchate"

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