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After school club is translated as AG according to the text book my school uses but what does AG actually stand for in German?

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    I have an additional question:
    "AG" (Arbeitsgemeinschaft) was the standard term in the GDR time. After the GDR almost all such AG's for children were closed.

    What is the current name?
    Is it AG?
    Do they exist again?

    Now "AG" means "Aktiengesellschaft" and has nothing to do with the former word.
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    I don't know about East Germany, but "AG" was and still is a term for after school clubs. Even though it is an abbreviation, it is much more commonly in use than the actual word "Arbeitsgemeinschaft". So it's mostly "Sport AG", "Musik AG" or "Theater AG" among pupils.
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    In Switzerland, the fairly common abbreviation for "Arbeitsgemeinschaft" is "ARGE" or "Arge" (since AG is strongly associated with "Aktiengesellschaft").
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    Hello :)

    In Germany, ARGE (also: Jobcenter) has a totally different meaning: It's part of the system taking care (more or less...) of unemployed people.

    Jobcenter (JC) oder auch ARGE (für Arbeitsgemeinschaft) bezeichnet in Deutschland regionale Einrichtungen, in denen die Mitarbeiter der Bundesagentur für Arbeit mit kommunalen Mitarbeitern zusammengelegt sind, um die Integration in Arbeit und das Arbeitslosengeld II nach dem Zweiten Buch Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB II) zu gewährleisten...
    When I went to school (in Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany) in the seventies of the last century, we had several AGs in the afternoon: A "Theater-AG", for instance, or a "Foto-AG". This was the normal abbreviation for these Arbeitsgemeinschaften in which students from different age groups participated.

    PS: And the abbreviation in that sense still seems to be in use. I've just found it on the site of a Hannover school (not mine :cool:): Foto-AG an der Lutherschule.
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    In Switzerland, the fairly common abbreviation for "Arbeitsgemeinschaft" is "ARGE" or "Arge" (since AG is strongly associated with "Aktiengesellschaft").
    It is the same in Austria - "ARGE" ultimately means "Arbeitsgemeinschaft". "AG" would be misunderstood as "Aktiengesellschaft" - just as in Switzerland.

    And if some sports club of Germany would present itself as "Sport AG" in Austria most people (except for those knowing Germany :)) most definitely would think that "AG" here is intended as a pun (the pun would be "Sport AG = Aktiengesellschaft"; not very funny but that's the only way it would be understood here).
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