Against the current balance (of an account)

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  1. Zanessence Member

    USA, english
    Hello everyone,

    I have been assigned to translate and proofread phone prompts that are to be recorded for automated system. The phrase: to post a payment against the current balance.
    Is it proper to say: Para omitir un pago contra el balance actual ?

    I thank you inadvance for your assistance.

  2. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    omitir? No conozco este tipo de terminología en español, pero me suena raro "omitir". La idea es "aplicar y restar el pago al (contra el) saldo actual. Creo yo.

    "to transfer or carry from a book of original entry to a ledger"
    "to make transfer entries in"

    Quizas "post" es "registrar"....???
  3. Darey Senior Member

    Hi Zanetta,

    yes it is right to say "contra", but it is not to say "omitir". The right sentence, based on your english version, should be: aplicar un pago contra el balance actual"
  4. Zanessence Member

    USA, english
    Thank you both. Soy yo, I took for granted that 'omitir' was the correct word until I looked it up on this site.
    Darey, aplicar or restar is a much better fit.

    Once again, many thanks to you both.

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