against your better judgement

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    I don't understand what meaning is "against your better judgement". Please to teaching me. Thanks.
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    Why don't you use Google to find one in a sentence and then we can help you. We need context, although the meaning is pretty straightforward -- still, we don't want you getting into any bad habits. :)
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    If you leave your apartment or house for five minutes, a sensible thing to do is to double-lock or lock the front door.
    If you don't do this, you may be burgled. You can then say "Against my better judgement, I failed to lock my door". In other words, you should have judged the situation better = you should have known better.
    Imagine you are the boss of a company and you agree to a proposal made by your marketing manager, which results in the company losing a lot of money.
    If you were uncertain about the proposal, then you can say that you went along with the proposal against your better judgement. (You should have listened to what your judgement told you.)
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    If you look up against my better judgement in the dictionary and thread title search at the top of this forum, you will find a link to this phrase used in context.
    They should give you a clear sense of how the expression is used, and what it means.

    Against my better judgement, I have decided to get an iPad for the trip.
    I don't think getting an iPad is a good idea, but others have persuaded me that I should.

    I've taken profits, cut losses and placed orders from the back of a taxi, the side of a pool, and occasionally - and against my better judgement - from a pub.
    Although I know, when sober, that I should not conduct business from a pub (when my judgment is impaired), I have done so.

    Looking up against your better judgement gives no results, suggesting that this is a less common expression.

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