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    Hi everybody! I am translating a text about xxx company, more precisely about some business policies of the company and a I have some doubts with"age" as I am not sure whether I have understood it correctly: Three age based divisions share responsibility for brand & and product development. General directions in relation to vision, mission, core beliefs.
    My attempt:
    Tres divisiones basadas en la época comparten responsabilidad en cuanto a la marca y el desarrollo del producto. Pautas generales con respecto a visión, misión y creencias centrales.
    Thanks in advance! Any suggestions are welcome!
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  2. chamyto

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    Hi, in this case age is "edad" . "Época" does not match in your translation .
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    I agree with chamyto that "age-based" probably refers to edad. Since the company makes toys for children, I understand it to mean that they're describing the divisions that design toys for toddlers, preschool kids, and older children. (i.e. No small xxx pieces for babies, etc.)
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  4. Muri 22 Senior Member

    Thanks a lot guys!

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